Mohamed S. Abdelfattah

Assistant Professor
Cornell University
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Mohamed S. Abdelfattah

My research group is investigating how best to build the next generation of machine-learning-centric computer systems. We study methods to co-design and co-optimize neural networks and the hardware on which they run, with a special interest in reconfigurable computing using devices like FPGAs. Our goal is to enable efficient deep learning in both mobile devices and datacenters. Our current research projects include:

  • New programmable hardware architectures based on FPGAs.
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML) and neural network compression.
  • Near-sensor machine learning for mobile devices.
  • Pre- and post-processing in machine learning systems.


Apr 2022 Mohamed gave a talk at the Crossroads FPGA seminar.
Jan 2022 Logic shrinkage paper accepted to FPGA’22 and nominated for the best paper award! :tada:
Jan 2022 Mohamed and Jordan joined the International Centre for Spatial Computational Learning.
Jan 2022 Moved to NYC and started at Cornell Tech! :sparkles: :grin:
Jan 2019 Moved to the UK and started work at the Samsung AI Center in Cambridge.
Aug 2016 Defended my PhD and started work at Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group in Toronto.